Cup of Scandinavia

Competition information 2017


Deadline for registrations: May 24th 2017

Competition: Saturday June 17th 2017 10:00

Judges meeting at 9:00

Weigh in times:
Friday June 16th 16:00 - 20:00
Saturday June 17th 8:00 - 9:00


Scala Kettlebell Club / Brian Kjær


Grønnegades Kaserne 1-3
GL. Ridehus, Grønnegade
4700 Næstved
Zealand Denmark


Men: -73 kg, -85 kg and +85 kg
Women: -58 kg, -65 kg and +65 kg


Men: long cycle 24/32 kg, snatch 24/32 kg, biathlon 24 kg
Women: long cycle 16/20/(24*) kg, snatch 16/24 kg, biathlon 16 kg
*) We have added women's 24 kg long cycle as an exhibition category. It won't be counted to Cup of Scandinavia team (country) results, but the participants will get medals and diplomas.
Junior boys: long cycle 16/24 kg
Junior girls: long cycle 12/16 kg
Juniors born 1995 or later.

Entry fee

Entry fee is DKK 260 (SKR 330, NKR 315, EUR 35


Competition kettlebells will be provided by

The kettlebells used for the championships will be sold at 40% off

Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Kettlebells for sale at discount price

It is also possible to pre-order Kettlebells from their shop, and save on freight. They have 2kg increments and Kettlebells up to 48kg.

All pre-orders must be done by direct email:

Mobile Pay: 29257711
Account: 9873 – 4561065255
IBAN kontonummer: DK7998734561065255
Cash: Danish Kroner / EUR

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